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Wouldn't it be exciting if you could connect with someone who already lives in Arkansas and goes to local schools so you could ask them the millions of questions you have?!

That's what your Little Rock AFB Youth Sponsorship program is designed to do! 

The program helps you connect with another youth or teen who is already in your new location and knows what's going on at school and around the Little Rock AFB Community, and who can answer any and all questions you might have.


Questions? No problem!

You must be curious to know what it's like living at LRAFB. Don't worry -- your sponsor can answer those questions for you! Ask things about your school, the Youth Program, and anything else that's on your mind.


Have a new friend before you arrive!

You'll know a familiar face even before you arrive at Little Rock Air Force Base! This can make meeting other people much easier.


Take a tour!

Your sponsor knows best! Ask him or her to take you around the base or around school. They can introduce you to some awesome youth/teens, too!


Learn about your new school + base!

Before you move here, you'll be paired up with another youth your age (your "sponsor"!) who lives in Arkansas and goes to the school you'll be attending. They can tell you what the teachers are like and what fun things are going on around base!


Get started!

The first step to a successful youth sponsorship is getting connected with your new sponsor. Email the Youth Director, Lee Groce (lee.groce@us.af.mil), Youth Programmer, Otis Williams (otis.williams.11@us.af.mil) or the School Age Coordinator, Jacqueline Russell (jacqueline.russell@us.af.mil) the Youth Sponsorship Application so we can get to know you better. Even before you arrive, you'll have a chance to get to know your new friend and get acquainted with the new installation. Exchange emails, talk on the phone or chat online -- it's that simple! Remember, your sponsor was the new kid not so long ago, too. He or she will be excited to introduce you to your new adventure with Little Rock AFB Youth Programs!


Meet and Greet!

Once you've actually arrived at the installation, make plans to meet up with your sponsor. He or she can then show you around and introduce you to youth your age. If you aren't moving for a while or you've already moved and feel comfortable in your new location, YOU can be a sponsor for another kid who's moving to your school or installation. You can be that person for the new kid! For more information and resources to help military youth and teens navigate everything from the unique challenges of a mobile military lifestyle or managing their social lives, savings money, and going green, visit Military Youth on the Move.


Apply to request a sponsor at Little rock afb! Click here to download the form!


Apply to be a Youth Sponsor today! Click here to download the application form.