Hangar 1080

Monday + Tuesday: 4 - 8 PM
Wednesday + Thursday: 4 - 9 PM
Friday: 3 - 11 PM
Bar Menu Only is in effect the last hour prior to closing.

1080 Cannon Circle


Get together!

Whether it’s a dinner with friends, game night, or
a social event, let us cater to you!



Catering + Special Events

Relax and enjoy your event! We'll take care of everything for you. Whether it's a wedding reception, official function, or birthday party, Rock Solid Catering at Hangar 1080 has it all!
Appointments preferred.


Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday
8 AM - 4 PM


become a club member!

At Hangar 1080, we have several monthly events that allow you to save money when you are a Club Member! Free Steak Night, First Friday, and various events that we host -- just to name a few.

Quite simply, Air Force Clubs are the center of every celebration. If you miss out on membership, you’ll miss out on all the events that bring your Air Force family together to celebrate our traditions—
holiday parties, brunches, special events, promotions, awards, dining-ins, dining-outs, Air Force Balls and ceremonies which are all made more special by your Club Membership.

Support FSS/MWR with Every Purchase
Every time you use your club card on an installation at MWR/FSS, you'll be supporting programs, activities and services that enrich life for military personnel and their families. 

When you join Air Force Clubs, you’ll join in on a tradition that’s as honored as the Air Force itself. But aside from that, Little Rock AFB Club Members' receive over $150 in savings!

Click here to check out a list of ways to save across Little Rock AFB! 

How was your visit?

We want to make sure that everyone has a great experience at our facilities! Let us know what you liked, what we can improve on, and any other feedback you think we would find useful. 

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