Dining Facility - "DFAC" & the P.O.D.



To provide high quality, nutritious meals that enhance physical fitness, well-being, and the quality of life for Little Rock AFB personnel with a primary focus on dormitory residents.


Having a team of individuals in which all other food service organizations use to judge excellence in morale, facilities, customer service, and customer satisfaction.


The Dining Facility of Little Rock AFB was recently announced as the 2017 USAF John L. Hennessy Trophy Award for the Easter Region!

The Hennessy Trophy is an annual award presented to Air Force installations with the best Food Service Program in the Air Force.  Winners are selected based on their display and execution of excellence in Management Effectiveness, Force Readiness Support, Food Quality and Production, Employee and Customer Relations, Training, and Safety Awareness. 


Award-Winning Food Options


We are dedicated to serving the best of the best at Little Rock AFB. Make sure to grab a bite at the best food service program in the AMC three years running! 

  • 2015 AMC Hennessy Award
  • 2016 AMC Hennessy Award
  • 2017 AMC Hennessy Award
  • 2017 USAF John L. Hennessy Trophy Award

Essential Station Messing (ESM) holders can use their card at both the Hercules Dining Facility and Hungry Herk (P.O.D.) locations. These facilities are open to all DoD ID Card holders, family members, retirees, NAF civilians, and contractors. 

Bon appetite!

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* Management Number: (501) 987-3071

7 Food Zones to Choose From

The Hercules Dining Facility has a wide rotating menu that offers seven different food zones.

  • The Eatery - traditional home style favorites, healthy entrees and side selections.
  • Big City Grill - grilled and fried entrees, to include hamburgers, turkey burgers, chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, fries (sweet potatoe/regular) etc.
  • Ciao Pizza - offers freshlymade to order 10 inch pizzas made on flatbread. You can order a specialty prebuilt pizza or create your own from a wide range of sauces, meat, toppings, cheese and sauces.
  • Super Sonic Subs - offersmade to order subs featuring baked daily in-house bread, 10 signature subs in a 6 inch or 12 inch. Create your own sub with choice of meat, cheese, toppings, spreads and seasonings.
  • The Express - offers premade sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, pastry parfaits, fruit cups, vegetable cups, variety of premade salads etc.
  • Greens, Grains, & Soup - offers variety of fresh vegetables to self-serve an 8 oz and 16 oz salad. Soups are also available daily which are homemade chili and a daily rotating soup.
  • Restaurant Rotation – menu changes quarterly, upcoming menus are Taco salad, fajita bar, Pasta bar, Korean rice bowls, BBQ district and Healthy grain-inspired salads.

“Go for Green” Nutrition Education Program

The Hercules Dining Facility supports all diets, to include vegetarian, religious, low calorie diets and more. To promote a healthy lifestyle and an effort to improve healthy eating habits the facility participates in the “Go for Green” Nutrition Education Program.

This program uses a labeling system designed to prove a quick snapshot of the nutritional value of food choices in the facility. Food items are labeled in Green (Eat Often), Yellow (Eat Occasionally) and Red (Eat Rarely). The Healthy Herk Rock Plate easily identifies the healthiest meal offered during the meal period. Stop by and enjoy a meal with us.

Sit Down or Grab' N Go - We're Flexible


Hercules Dining Facility

Contact Main Number: (501) 987-3071 Flight Kitchen: (501) 987-3630 Fax Number: (501) 987-7598

Location Building 834 Address: 834 6th Street Little Rock AFB, AR 72099

Hours of Operation Monday - Friday Breakfast: 0530 - 0830 Lunch: 1030 - 1330 Dinner: 1600 - 1800

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays & Down Days: Same hours except breakfast is 0630 - 0900

*Grab n' go is available daily until closing

Commonly referred to as the DFAC, the Hercules Dining Facility is dedicated to serving the best of the best.

Built in 2008, this 18,000 square foot facility offers a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins, is focused on making sure individuals of the Little Rock AFB community are taken care of!

Take a look at what we’re serving this week! Hercules Dining Facility Menu

Flight Meals Orders

Contact Flight Kitchen: (501) 987-3630 Fax Number: (501) 987-7598

Hours of Operation Flight meals are available 24 hrs a day.

Monday - Friday: orders must be submitted prior to 2200 Saturday, Sunday, Holidays & Down Days: orders must be submitted prior to 1600

Provisions on Demand (P.O.D.)/ hungry herk

Location Building 276 Address: Flight line Little Rock AFB, AR 72099

Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 0700 - 2400 Saturday, Sunday, Holidays & Down Days: CLOSED

Located right off the flight line in Hangar 276, the Hungry Herk or P.O.D. (Provisions on Demand) offers fast and convenient grab-and-go options for the entire base.

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Management Number: (501) 987-3071


The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system allows customers to submit online comment cards. Submit your feedback today! 


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