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Fitness Center LogoThe 19 Force Support Squadron welcomes you to the Little Rock Air Force Base Fitness & Sports Center. The overall objective of our programs is to maintain the highest possible morale and promote the physical fitness of Air Force personnel, dependents and civilians. We hope that you and members of your family will enjoy your leisure time spent here.

We challenge you to take part in our sports programs to the fullest extent possible. Your incentive may be a desire to achieve a personal goal, and although the reward may be of little intrinsic value, the self satisfaction, pride and accomplishment derived through participation will be invaluable. Plus, we just might help you pass your next PT test! We also have a staff of personal trainers and a massage therapist available, which you may use to your advantage.

Remain Fit to Fight

Team Little Rock units now have an alternative location and equipment to use in order to remain Fit-to-Fight. In partnership with the 19 Civil Engineer Squadron and the 19 Contracting Squadron, the 19 Force Support Squadron is proud to make available two new products to units and individuals. Located at the WarFit Pavilion (Bldg. 792), the TRX Force EFT (Expeditionary Force Trainer) company is now available to units wishing to embark on an exciting journey in fitness.

The contents of the box include barbells, bumper plates, medicine balls, kettle bells, TRX strap kits, TRX Rip Trainers and more. Unit PTLs (Physical Training Leaders) or UFPMs (Unit Fitness Program Managers) can reserve the site one day in advance through the Fitness Center front desk. The key to the box will only be signed out to PTLs/UFPMs registered with the Fitness Assessment Cell via an appointment letter. The unit is responsible for the contents of the box while they hold the key. Upon returning the key, an inventory will be turned in and several checks by Fitness Center staff will occur each day.


At the Fitness Center, two TRX Force EFT Squads are now available to individuals and small groups looking for a similar experience as those using the company product. The contents of these boxes are similar to the company box. Individuals or small groups can request use of these boxes on a first come, first served basis. Boxes can be rented for a total of two days off site. The signatory of the AF Form 1297 is responsible for the contents of the box. Upon returning the box, an inventory will be turned in and checked by Fitness staff.




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